Refrigerator Repair Service

A broken refrigerator can turn your life upside down. Without reliable cooling, food spoils rapidly and your grocery bills skyrocket from replacing ruined food. Meal planning becomes nearly impossible. Beverages are lukewarm at best. Simply put, life’s daily conveniences grind to a halt when the fridge goes kaput. Don’t despair – the experts at ApplianceFix are here to get your refrigerator running right.

At ApplianceFix, we understand the headache and hassle of appliance breakdowns. Our skilled technicians have years of hands-on experience diagnosing and repairing all major brands and models of refrigerators. We’ll pinpoint the issue quickly and make professional repairs using only top quality parts and components. ApplianceFix offers competitive rates with upfront estimates, so you aren’t surprised by the cost. We stand behind our work too, with robust warranties on labor and parts.

Types of Refrigerator

There are several main configurations of refrigerators on the market today. The type of refrigerator impacts the layout, storage space, features and repairs that may be required.

Top Freezer Refrigerators

Top freezer models are one of the most common refrigerator styles. As the name suggests, the freezer compartment is located above the fresh food refrigerator compartment. The freezer and refrigerator sections are arranged vertically.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Bottom freezer refrigerators have the fresh food refrigerator compartment on top and the freezer on the bottom. This style typically provides wider and deeper refrigerator space for taller items. The freezer section may have a pull-out basket for easier access.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Side-by-side refrigerators feature vertical freezer and refrigerator compartments placed next to each other. This arrangement minimizes bending since food items are easily within reach.

The side-by-side design allows for storing wider items. However, shelf space tends to be more limited. Side-by-side models are usually the most expensive residential refrigerators.

Counter-Depth Refrigerators

Counter-depth refrigerators are designed with dimensions that match standard countertop depths. This allows the refrigerator to align flush with cabinets for a built-in, seamless appearance.

French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators have dual refrigerator doors with a full-width bottom freezer drawer. The double doors allow wide items to fit in the refrigerator section. French door models combine the perks of bottom freezers and side-by-side configurations.

Common Problems Refrigerator

Refrigerators are complex appliances that can develop many issues preventing proper operation. Our skilled technicians encounter these common refrigerator problems regularly.

Cooling Issues

Not Cooling At All

If the refrigerator is not cooling entirely, the compressor, condenser fan, control board, thermostat or refrigerant charge may be to blame. We troubleshoot to pinpoint the exact cause and make repairs.

Not Cold Enough

Insufficient cooling or inconsistent temperatures often stem from dirty condenser coils, worn door gaskets allowing cold air leaks, clogged air flow, refrigerant leaks, or control board failures. Our techs diagnose the problem and take appropriate corrective action.

Freezer Too Warm

Freezers not freezing food properly most likely have a defrost system issue. Faulty defrost timers, heaters, and damaged evaporator coils prevent full defrost cycles. We repair the specific defrost components at fault.

Electrical Problems

No Interior Lights

Non-working interior lights usually involve burned out bulbs or failed light sockets. We replace any defective bulbs, fixtures, switches or wiring.

Noisy Operation

Abnormal noises like buzzing, rattling or squeaking indicate problems with fans, compressors, bearings or loose parts. We troubleshoot noises and remedy the cause.

Excessive Noise

Hums, buzzes or rattles from your refrigerator indicate a malfunction. This could be loose components, broken fans, or compressor problems. We’ll diagnose the issue and eliminate the source of the noise.

Other Frequent Issues

  • Leaking water from clogged drains – clear obstructions
  • Ice maker malfunction – adjust, repair or replace
  • Door sealing problems from worn gaskets – install new gaskets
  • Rattling from loose shelves or components – secure loose parts

Trust our expertise to accurately diagnose any refrigerator failure and make the right repairs for optimal, long-lasting performance. We have the skills to fix your fridge fast.

Before You Call Us

Some common refrigerator problems can be addressed quickly without a technician. Try these do-it-yourself troubleshooting tips first before requesting service.

Power Issues

If the refrigerator is completely dead, first check:

  • Is the power cord plugged in securely?
  • Is the wall outlet operational? Test with another appliance.
  • Have any fuses/breakers tripped? Reset circuit breakers and replace blown fuses.

Unplugging the refrigerator for 30 seconds can reset any electrical faults.

Temperature Problems

If the refrigerator is not cooling properly:

  • Make sure the temperature controls are set correctly. Start at the mid-range.
  • Allow time for recently added items to chill fully.
  • Be sure air circulation inside is not blocked by items.
  • Vacuum condenser coils if visibly dusty.


Humming, buzzing or clicking sounds are normal compressor operations. Banging or rattling noises could indicate a loose part needing repositioning.

If problems persist after trying these basic troubleshooting tips, then contact our service department for professional diagnosis and repair. Our technicians have the proper tools and expertise to get your refrigerator running optimally.

How To Call a Repairman

Has your refrigerator stopped cooling properly? Are odd noises coming from your fridge? Our experienced repair technicians can get your appliance running right again. Here’s how to request service:

By Phone

For the fastest assistance, call our office directly at 949-325-8538. Describe the issues you’re experiencing. A service agent will schedule a convenient appointment time.


Visit our website and complete the repair request form. Provide details like the refrigerator make and model, problems occurring, and your contact information. Our team will call to arrange your service visit.

Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs needed outside regular business hours, call our after-hours line at 949-325-8538. We have technicians on call to handle urgent cooling issues, leaks, and other problems that cannot wait.

Be prepared to show the technicians the issues when they arrive. We’ll diagnose the problem and quote repair costs if significant parts are needed. Our goal is to fix your refrigerator properly the first time.

Don’t put up with appliance headaches and inconveniences. Our repair experts are ready to help you get your refrigerator running right. Contact us today to schedule service!

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